The competitions that are organized by Arab Patent Company are unique and quite different from other competitions; they are a strategic partnership among the contestants, their sponsoring companies and the companies that organize their projects. A group of competitions are launched calling for innovative solutions to a particular problem, or for innovative approaches to develop a particular scientific or practical issue, using an extensive database of experts, inventors and talented individuals in diverse fields all over the Islamic world and supervised by a group of experts in each field. First place winners are awarded valuable prizes. The contestants will present their ideas on the Arab Patent Dubai stage before a group of investors, business incubators representatives and media representative. Each contestant will have three minutes to convince the audience with the idea, and the top three will be awarded valuable prizes. That is not all; more importantly, their ideas are turned into real products and are legally registered, with each new idea or invention patented after they are scrutinized and developed by experts, and then, these ideas will be turned into products in partnership with the sponsoring company; launching a new company with a board of directors for each invention as an autonomous project. The winners become members of the board of directors, in preparation for investment. Therefore, we encourage all talented individuals and inventors to participate in the competitions after reading the guidelines and rules for participation.


  • Inventors’ Treasures Competition

    This competition aims to provide economic feasibility solutions to realistic problems in various fields. This competition has been designed to invest talents in providing…

  • Smart Markets Competition

    This competition aims to identify all the innovative ideas of the talented and creative people that contribute to supporting the establishment of smart markets…

  • Alternative Energy Competitions

    This competition was designed to invest talents in providing innovative solutions to invest the alternative energy in projects that aim at encouraging innovation to…

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