Fear, all fear of competition Android for himself!

2016-09-28 17:38:23

I hope to reflect a little look at the graph located at the top, although the data were many to some extent, focused on the available green and navy blue scrubs and all parts of the rest of the colors.

This chart shows the share of smart devices operating systems since 2009 and until this year, where we note that Symbian Symbian was dominant along with BlackBerry OS, to get out of the race officially be replaced by the existing Android green.

My focus in this article on the Green - Android system - Donna just about anyone else, but the color navy - EOS system - Vsoarj it a bit every now and then.

We see from the chart that the Android succeeded and firmly in the sweep everyone, without exception, it is no more than 10% in 2009 to 85% higher than in 2016, after almost seven years, a figure not easy at all.

The return to any or ABS, hated millions, the system exaggerated, the system that copies of all sides, or call it what you will, we note that the rate of almost no change in the market, they rose by simple, also decreased by the same amount.

Of course, it did not come with labels that any or feed system of personal my cell, but most users share in this vision, so you like to share with you, to be part of the consensus article.
This means that one way or another that Apple's strategy is very clear and does not need to explain the large, there is a slide targeted and specific you want to maintain and increase on an annual basis, even modestly. The political go in every direction they are not among the current strategies, and it seems it will not be as well as during the next two years at least.

The situation is different in Android, Valaillsh were strong competitors such as Blackberry or Symbian OS is a great thing, without forgetting the Windows operating system from Microsoft, who all tried to stand on his feet, hit the stick Android and returned to his place again. But fear now comes from the point of entry in the comfort and safety of the system, which has already entered the navy to the area.

Apple's strategy no doubt lead to a comfort zone, and therefore in terms of operating systems, it began nearly four years to walk before leisurely, and not to add too much or that you will not add features that you did not feel like it in our lives, almost Valrtabh dominated one way or another on the system personally, which began in almost use it in 2008.

But what really worries me is this area that did not eliminate any or feed system only, but killed and Windows from Microsoft, which did not provide much in the area of ​​operation of computing systems for almost seven years in the system, since the release of Windows 7, without forgetting the disaster that preceded the disaster that also suffered.

Any small and conclusion, when the company itself sees it the largest controlled, or believes that the share of the excellent market there is no need ever to make additional efforts to preserve it or increase it enters involuntarily into a comfort zone and compete with the self that you will be inflamed at first, but quickly extinguished.

When competing with other companies, many factors play a key role in the race, such as the company's concern about the lack of profits, worried employees that they are not as much competition and innovation, and thus human energies lurking out a crazy and wonderful.

While the same people will never be able to take out the same amount of energy when confined to compete with themselves because the danger is less, because we feel that it is just a story of the rabbit and the turtle are listed in.

Certainly not as employees careful of Google on Android, but the human psyche greedy, and the history of Google with some of the projects that began in and ended in a second too long, remind them glasses Google, Google's Hang Oates, and one way or another Google self-driving car that did not turn out - even this moment - a product the market will benefit from it, eliciting a strong upper for entering a few days ago.

On the grounds that Apple happy divide it from the smart devices cake in the market, you'll see Google trying to rob this division also addressed, or is it happy and will only divide it out?


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