• Brief

              The African continent is naturally rich; it is rich in various natural resources and it boasts enormous manpower. However, it lacks sufficient advanced industries and innovative projects that would bridge the gap between it and more developed nations and start a real developmental renaissance. That is why the African continent is a fertile ground for investment in various areas. Since money is the main barrier slowing down development in Africa, many countries offer investment opportunities available by individuals and governments along with a range of facilities, in hopes of better utilizing the African resources and manpower. Today, we in Arab Patent Company offer opportunities for economically feasible projects that are determined according to scientific feasibility studies, in cooperation with an elite group of business leaders in Africa, in addition to developing the ideas and projects of our inventors and participants with the help of experts specialized in the area of each idea. We also seek the cooperation of the African governments in the countries concerned to coordinate with them to obtain the support necessary to bring the projects to life. In addition to a wide range of other benefits which come with offering the projects to investors from all over the world, to build international partnerships that would enable us to carry out these projects in a progressive manner that keeps pace with what happens in the developed world.

  • Mission

    To implement economically feasible projects that would contribute in developing the African human resource and economy, through fostering an environment that encourages investment and building effective local and international partnerships.

  • Vision

    To become the leading investment entity in Africa.

  • Project Implementation Tools

    • A town hall meeting within the Arab Patent event that brings together the commercial attaches of all the African countries, investors, experts, owners of ideas for economically feasible projects in Africa and various media representatives.
    • Registering memberships in the African Investment Club, in ways that would be beneficial for all parties.
    • Training the workforce that will work in these projects.
    • Issuing periodicals, in addition to the website and the social media.
    • Creative investments that do not necessary require huge sums of money.
    • Facilities and government support.
    • A network of experts and consultants.

Members of the African Investment Club