Protocol of cooperation with the Egyptian Syndicate of Inventors

2017-01-13 09:38:02

Arab Patent Company and the Egyptian Syndicate of Inventors have agreed on a protocol of cooperation to provide support to inventors. Mr. Asem Sultan, the lawyer of the company in Egypt has represented the company, and Dr. Hebatalrahman Ahmed has represented the Egyptian Syndicate of Inventors to sign the agreement. This cooperation implies working towards the common goals of both parties which lies in supporting inventors and innovators to turn their innovations and patents into solutions and products that benefit the market and the society. The Egyptian Syndicate of Inventors helps its members to protect intellectual property rights of their innovations and to present them tractably and simply, then Arab Patent Company signs contracts with the inventors to market and invest their inventions, and allows them to participate in the company's international forums according to the terms of the contract that will be agreed on with the inventors.


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